Japanese Female Wrestlers to storm in Phnom Penh

Phnon Penh, Cambodia (5 November 2010)

Under the agreement of International Olympic Committee and support from a company in Japan, the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) has invited Japanese Wrestlers to perform in Culture and Education program of NOCC. Japanese Wrestlers performance and special wrestling bouts will be demonstrated along other Sports at Diamond Island Center during Water Festival that will hold from 20th-22nd November.
Mr. Vath Chamrouen, General Secretary of National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC), discloses that the NOCC has already extended invitation to four Japanese Female Wrestlers to grace the water festival program.
The purpose of this invitation is to promote spirits of Olympicism in Cambodia, spread wrestling specially Khmer wrestling to people and take people out of doubt about wrestling especially professional wrestling, he noted.
The four Female Wrestlers who will be invited are Kyoko (Inoue Kyoko), Sato (Sato Ayako), Aono(Aono Keiko), Ito(Ito Kaoru). As know that Kyoko Inoue is a Japanese female professional wrestler. She has held the WWWA World Heavyweight Championship three times and knows as the first woman to men’s title in Japan, and Keiko Aono who is also a Japanese female wrestler, won the LLPW Six Woman tag team titles from Eagle Sawai, Shark Tsuchiya & Lioness Asuka and she lost titles on January 4 2000 to Rumi Kazama, Eagle Sawai and Carol Midori.
“The performance will hold two days and takes one or two hour per day. By the way, Japanese wrestlers will jointly perform with Khmer female wrestlers and male female that already train for long time,” he said. “It is not the first time of Khmer wrestling in performance. Mostly, the performance will hold on major holiday such as Khmer New Year, and other holidays. The first performance of Khmer wrestling hold in 2008 in Sihanuk Vill, at that time attracted a lot of people to see the performance.”
After promoting and spreading out wrestling to people, we plan to train wrestlers to be professional and then turn it as business to earn money in order to sponsor all wrestlers especially new athletes in wrestling, he emphasized.
Meanwhile, the NOCC failed in their frantic attempt to bring in the World Wrestling Entertainment superstar John Cena for the national holiday. However, Vath Chamroeun is optimistic that the wrestling icon and now Hollywood actor could still be one of the major attractions at a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) event planned in Phnom Penh for early next year.

By S.L (Vol. 4, Issue 45, SEAW)


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