The 5th Import- -Export Exhibition 2010 Hosted

Phnom Penh, Cambodia (19 December 2010)

The 5th Import-Export and One Product Exhibition 2010 has held from the 15th to the 18th of December at the Diamond Center in Phnom Penh, with participation of 224 companies and 326 booths with 326 kinds of goods and stuff.
The Exhibition divided into four major sections: a common house to display activities, information and national achievements obtained in the past years; booths for showcasing products and services (One Province One Province); booths for showcasing exports and foreign services; booths for displaying imports and foreign services.
The purposes of the annual import-export and one product one product exhibition is not only serve as a place to exchange goods and share trade opinions, conception, sign buy-and-sale contracts, but also serves as an important trade forum to promote and attract foreign businessmen, and investors to Cambodia.

The trade forum aims several objectives including creating an effective trade and investment atmosphere to promote import-export business activities and providing consumers and traders with the acknowledgement and support for the use of domestic quality goods and services; improving and disseminating updated trade information on special riche markets for various producers, traders and investors; fulfilling Cambodia’s tasks to continuously integrate its trade into the regional and the world markets; creating a cohesive domestic trade atmosphere and encourage foreign companies to participate in this event annually, and increasing the possibilities of connecting domestic trade relations between among provinces for the on-the-spot business synergy.
H.E. Kem Sithan, Secretary of State of Commerce, said that many kinds of products and services displayed in exhibition included agricultural products, agro-industrial machinery, souvenirs and silk making handicrafts, stationery, processed food or other consumer stuff, goods for daily consumption and household utensils, products designed for interior decoration, cloth, textile and garment equipment, jewelry and various kinds of precious stone, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, plastic products and lubricant, electronic equipment and computer parts, all kinds of construction materials, hotel service, education, tourism, banking and other services, furniture and other kinds of goods. In this kind of event, the Ministry of Commerce also promotes a showcase of many investment projects for investors beside the aforementioned products in exhibition booth.
He added that since 2006, the organizing of the 5th trade exhibition is not different from another year. The exhibition organizing committee organized five other sub-events to sustain the process of organizing the trade event to achieve high effectiveness and fruitful results. Those events are a forum on “business opportunity and investment in Cambodia”, a seminar on “export promotion activities through trade support system”, a trade meeting session, a program to sing memorandums and contract, and a live concert and fashion show about Khmer traditional and modern clothes which performed by famous artists in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
“The organizing of the annual import-export and one province one product exhibition will become an effective trade and investment forum in Cambodia,” he said during his opening remarks.
H.E. Keat Chhon, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance, said that the 5th Cambodia import-export and one province one product exhibition 2010 is an important annual event which provides businessmen, traders, producers and investors with golden opportunity to communicate, search and match trade and investment partners.
“This year the exhibition is being held while Cambodia is politically, institutionally and physically enjoying full peace and territorial unity.
In parallel, this year the exhibition is taking place at the time when Cambodia’s economy is V shaped recovering after suffering from severe downturn caused by the global financial crisis, Ketsana typhoon and obligations to protect national sovereignty and integrity in 2008 and 2009.
In 2010, economics growth may reach over 5 percent and year-on-year infation might be around 4 percent,” he emphasized.
He highlighted that the Royal Government considers that the private sector “Engine of Growth” and positions itself as strategist and manager of development by playing role to ensure good business environment, stability, transparency and predictability for the private sector. Moreover, the government has been continuing its in-depth reform in a number of areas to improve domestic business climate and liberalize all kinds of business activities.
Besides this, the government has committed to implement “Policy Paper on the Promotion of Paddy Production and Rice Export” on August 17th, 2010. The vision of this policy paper aims at transforming Cambodia into a rice basket and a key “rice-white gold” exporting country on the international market, he said, adding that the government has also set the year 2015 as the target year to reach paddy rice surplus of more than four million tons and achieve rice export at least one million tons, and ensure Cambodian rice to be internationally recognized. In this case, rice export promotion is an initial step for promoting exports of other agriculture produce such as rubber and other crops.
In this current context, the government targets to address small handful and not to overstretch the capacity and financial resources of the responsible ministries, institutions during implementation of this policy. The successful implementation of this policy paper will deliver a strong political message that encourage and pave the way for export of other agriculture.

By S.L (Vol. 4, Issue 51, SEAW)


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