Cambodian Equestrians Rank at the Top

Phnom Penh, Cambodia (19 January 2011)
Three horse riders from the Cambodian Equestrian Federation (CEF) attended international championship called “Christmas Show Jumping”. It was conducted on December 11th-12th 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand. Each has achieved good results.
To celebrate the achievements of Cambodian equestrians, the Cambodia Country Club (CCC) has launched an event on January 18th to celebrate their great results, and given their accomplishment, have been encouraged to participate in the Norodom Sihanouk Championship.
Mrs. Soraya Ourrais, General Manager of the Cambodia Country Club and national advisor for the CEF said “I am very happy and surprise when I hear Cambodia Horse Riser [achieve] good result after joining [the] Christmas Show Jumping, because it is the first time that all of them [has] joined international competition.”
She continued to say that this event is to meat to celebrate the achievements of Cambodian horse-riders from the international competition in Thailand. It also encourages them for the next national tournament and for preparations necessary for the 26th SEA Games in Indonesia, at the end of this year.
Mr. Guillaume Larivain, Manager of Cambodia Country Club (CCC) rising said that Cambodian equestrians including Hoy Soparith, seventeen year-old Sim Narith and fourteen-year old Lon Sopheartra, each received good results in the “Christmas Show Jumping” in Thailand.
There are around 50 to 60 riders from various countries such as Thailand, Sweden, Poland, France, England, and America who joined this competition, he said, adding that Cambodian equestrians have joined five events during the tournament.
“This is the first time for his federation [for a] Cambodian [equestrian] to join [an] international championship, but they did very well” he remarked.
A well-known Cambodian rider, who also has won Norodom Sihanouk Championship last year, participated in three events in this tournament and got all good results. He received first place for the 70-centimeters horse jumping event, second place for one-meter horse jumping. This was for first day in competition. He also received forth for one-meter horse jumping event during the second day.
Lon Sopheartra, who has trained for two years, also received good result during competition. He participated in four events. Among them, he triumphed to earn first place in 50-centimeters horse jumping event, number two in 70-centimeters horse jumping and compete clear round for another 70 centimeters horse jumping.
Even though mature riser, Hoy Soparith, did not receive a rank, but he also achieved the clear round rider (fair Play) award from the tournament.
Mr. Guillaume Larivain noted that the riders’ are quickly rising to occasion, developing important skills to maneuver their respective horses, even those they have never really ridden in the past. He said, “It is very surprise to me”.
Three Cambodian equestrians are at the horse stable almost every day preparing for joining seventh Norodom Sihanouk Championship, which is to be held on January 30th, February 6th and February 13th.
By S.L (Vol. 5, Issue 4, SEAW)

One thought on “Cambodian Equestrians Rank at the Top

  1. Your text is good at starting and ending with a full of meaning. However, each of your paragraphs, especially in the body part are not really strong.
    Please consider and check more about the use of preposition. I found it as so complexing in each of your sentence.
    – Second paragraqh has a loose meaning by using many words and complextion of combining sentences with clause error.
    – “General Manager” is it possible to use “Director” instead, because GM is mostly used with company, not association or club.
    – Paragraph 3: She continue; this event…; word error “meat?”
    – Paragraph 5 “rising???”
    – Paragraph 7 “he remarked”. It is not used at the end of speech as I use to read. Not sure.

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