Eight Teams Qualify for Hun Sen Cup

Phnom Penh, Cambodia (31 February 2011)
NAGA Crop (Green) versus Koh Kong
Eight football teams qualified for the quarterfinals of the Hun Sen Cup after competing in 16 knockout football tournaments held on January 22 – 23 and 29 – 30. The football teams competed at the National Stadium in Phnom Penh.
Those matches were: Prek Pra Keila versus Battambang; Build Bright United versus Rithysen; Preah Khanreach versus Keakkhiev Kampong Cham; Phnom Penh Crown versus Chlam Samoth; Stung Treng versus National Police; National Defense versus Chhmakhmao Svayrieng; and NAGA Crop versus Koh Kong.
Prek Prak Keila defeated Battambang with a score of 5-1. Even though Battambang’s player number 2 shot a ball into the net and scored, Prak Prak Keila continued to work together and, at the 31 minute mark, player number 11 scored for Battambang. The Prak Prak Keila team scored four more times to beat Battambang.
Build Bright United defeated Rithysen with a score of 6-1. Although Rithysen scored first in the game, with player number 17 scoring at the 16 minute mark, Build Bright United came back with six goals. Player number 10 scored at the 46 minute mark; player number 6 scored twice at the 51 and 70 minute marks; player number 29 scored at the 82 minute mark; and player number 10 scored at the 90 +2 minute mark.
In their match against each other, Preah Khanreach beat Keakkhiev Kampong Cham with a score of 4-1. Preah Khanreach’s player number 11 scored at the 11, 55, and 58 minute marks and player number 2 scored at the 34 minute mark.
Phnom Penh Crown defeated Chlam Samoth. At the 26 minute mark, player number 10 of Phnom Penh Crown scored by shooting a fast one into Chlam Samoth’s goal. Later, player number 4 also successfully scored at the 42 minute mark, and player number 13 scored at 70 minute mark. Chlam Samoth’s player number 5 struck back with a score at the 76 minute mark. Phnom Penh Crown continued to dominate the game, with two more scores at the 82 and 90+1 minute mark from players number 8 and 10.  At the end of the match, the final score was 5-1.
The National Police defeated Stung Treng in a final score of 3-0 after player number 3, Ly Ariphine, scored one goal at the 41 minute mark and player number 7, Sok Phaloudom, scored twice at the net at the 63 and 76 minute marks.
In the match between National Defense and Chhmakhmao Svayrieng, the National Defense team had a difficult time scoring but eventually won the match with a final score of 2-1. Neither team had scored up until the 49 minute mark, when player number 21 from National Defense rallied successfully to score at the net. Afterwards, player number 4 scored the second goal for the team at the 65 minute mark, which secured the win for National Defense. Chhmakhmao’s only score came at the 76 minute mark.

By S.L (Vol. 5, Issue 6, SEAW)


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