Training Course for Sport Coaches in Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia (05 March 2011)

The National Training Sport Training Sport Center in cooperation with National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) has organized a training course on preparation of teaching plan and training theory for national selected coaches in Cambodia on March, 02-04 at the National Stadium in Phnom Penh.
The training course aims to improve and develop the ability and knowledge in preparing, implementing and evaluating sport teaching plan for national selected athletes. It is also aim to provide new sport theories to all coaches so that it will be easy to teach their students to improve their ability and skills in competition.
Mr. Ouk Sethcheat, President of the National Sport Training Center, said that this course organize for coaches, assistant coaches, arbitrators and sport officers to prepare, to lead, to control and to evaluate national selected athlete’s performance and training activities.
He added that 77 coaches, assistant coaches, arbitrators and sport officers come from 21 federations and National Sport Training Center official attended this training course.
This training course will contribute to promote the quality and effectiveness of selected coach’s teaching ability and knowledge as well as performance and training activities of athletes in term of technical standard. Through these activities, the achievement and performance of athletes in joining SEA Games, which also international competition, will be greater than before.
He believe that all coaches will be able to learn all lessons in this training course with new techniques in order to share experience to each other in implementing training lesson plan successfully and get more medals for nation in upcoming 26th SEA Games in Indonesia, which held on November 11 to 25, 2011.
H.E. Bun Sok, Secretary General of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, said that this training course is very important for all coaches to learn new knowledge in terms of sport science to prepare lessons for athletes by transferring theory to real practice, which can be applied in real situation in an effective way. The hard work of all coaches will contribute to developing honorary and prestige of the country on the international stage.
He mentioned that the training course divided into two main sections: preparation of training plan and implementing training plan.

In three days of training course, there are eight lessons for all coaches to learn. One of them is “Preparation of training program master plan” lesson presented by Mr. Ouk Sethcheat. Three lessons comprise the following are “Preparation of training program detail plan”, “Training Coach” and “Stress Management “presented by Mr. Vath Chamrouem, Secretary General of NOCC. Three other lessons included “Understanding the body in Motion”, “Diet and Nutrition” and “Fair Play” presented by Mr. Kav Sareth, Vice president of National Sport Training Center. The last lesson, “Primary Rescue” presented by Dr. StrangnChea, Director of Sport Health Committee in line of NOCC.


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