International Motorcycle Championship Host in Cambodia

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 By Sok Lak
A large international motorcycle event that never happens has held in Cambodia on March 27 this year. The Total Motorcycle International Championship 2011 is organized at Preak Leap race in Phnom Penh. It is the sixth time of International Motorcycle Championship. More than 50 riders took part of the event, which has 8 nationalities across the world.
The Total International Motorcycle Championship 2011 divided into four events, which are Class A: professional group on racing motorcycle, Class B: fresh group on racing motorcycle, Class C: processional group on superbike and Class D: Cambodian group on superbike.
The event is more exciting than previous year, which many professional riders from over the world join to compete to become champion of the race.
Yum Vibol, Director of Marketing and relationship of Total Company, said that it is the largest motorcycle international championship that never happens in Cambodia. A lot of people have been attracted to attend the event with good weather as well. “This year, the visitors join the event are more than last year”
According to the result in class A race, James Robinson, New Zealand rider become champion while Pakasith, Thai rider and Pierre Yves Catry, Cambodian rider took the second place and third place. The fourth and fifth places are given to an English rider and Thai rider respectively.
Through the event, James still was champion of the Total Motorcycle Championship, which he was champion last year. Even though he were the third place in last race which two Thai riders on the font, but he still became champion as the high score of him. At that time, Cambodian Catry was on the forth place in the race.
In Class B race, Cambodian rider took the first place, which race lasted two rounds in front of other riders like Evy Leng. Vong Chingzhou, Cambodian rider, took the second place and Malaysian rider Zakaria Muri took the third place.
In Class C race, Australian rider Craig Steven Fundak took the first place. Two Cambodian riders, Than Chamroeun and Lim Pheng, took second and third place. The fourth and fifth place are given to Cambodian riders.
In Class D race, Chea Lykheang became the champion which Seang Makara and Pov Piseth took the second and third place respectively.
Source: The Southeast Asia Weekly, April 3-9/Vol.5, Issue 14, Page 12

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