National Judo Championship Tournament 2011

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By Sok Lak

The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport in cooperation with the Cambodian Judo Federation has launched National Judo Championship Tournament 2011 over four days from 27 to 30 May at National stadium to select Judo championship this year. Nine Judo athletes selected as National athletes teams to prepare for coming national and international competition.
The National Judo Championship Tournament is aiming to select the best Judo players for country as well as to join national and international tournaments. The national tournament is also to promote and develop Judo in Cambodia as well as call all Judo players across Cambodia to participate.
81 Judo athletes across the country have participated national Judo championship tournament 2011 to challenge each other to get champion title in Cambodia. “Nine Judo athletes selected from National Judo Championship tournament 2011 this year to train for coming event especially for SEA Games, Lach Vuthy, General Secretary of Cambodian Judo Federation.
Bou Chomserey, Under Secretary of Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport, said that the number of Judo players this year was increasing than last year especially female Judo athletes. It is not  only increase the number of female athletes, but also capacity and ability which can achieve gold, silver and bronze medals from national and international tournaments. It is also show the progress of gender development in Cambodia. 
Nowadays, the Royal Government of Cambodia converges on sport sector to be potential among other sector. Surely, Judo is a potential in the past which achieved many of gold, silver and bronze medals for country.
Lach Vuthy, General Secretary of Cambodian Judo Federation, said that 21 female Judo athlete among total 81 Judo athlete come from Siem Reap province and Phnom to participate in the event. Comparing to last year, the number of clubs are the same, five clubs, but for the athlete is increase from 72 to 81 which had only 17 female athletes.
He added that National Judo Championship Tournament 2011 has 11 subjects which into male and female tournament. In male match, there are eight categories such as 45 kg, 50 kg, 55 kg, 60 kg, 66 kg, 73 kg, 80 kg and free weight match. For female match, there are only three categories such as 40 kg, 48kg and 52kg.
As the result, Neak Reach Judo club become champion in six match: 50 kg male match, 55 kg male match, 60 kg male match, 66 kg male match, 73 male match, 48 kg female match, 50 kg female match and free weight match. For the Siem Reap Judo associate get champion in two matches: 45 kg male match and 40 kg female match. Only two match that Reach Sey club can get champion this year, they are 50 kg and 55 kg male match and only one match that Ministry of Interior Judo association get the font, but Olympic Judo club did not get any champion.
Recently, there are around 500 people participators are training in Judo field across Cambodia.
Source: The Southeast Asia Weekly, June 5-11, 2011, Vol. 5, Issue 23, Page 12

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