The National Wrestling Championship Tournament 2011

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By Sok Lak

About 300 wrestlers from 10 wrestling clubs across Cambodia have participated in the National Wrestling Championship Tournament 2011 over four days from 23 to 26 May 2011 at National Stadium in Phnom Penh to compete to become the wrestling champions for 2011 in Cambodia.
The National Wrestling Championship Tournament 2011 is organized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in collaboration with Cambodian Wrestling Federations.
Tuy Bunhoeun, Chief of the Modern Sport office in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport said that this national competition is aiming to select best players for national tournament and international tournament. “It is also to promote and develop the sport in Cambodia.”
Meas Sarin, Under-Secretary of State for Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, said that wrestling is a kind of sport which exist long time ago as it had on the wall of Angkor Wat. “People always take this sport to compete when they had free time especially after harvesting season.”
Nowadays, Cambodia is pay high attention on education including sport, because sport can make all people healthy, smart, good morality, solidarity and out of drug and violence in family and society.
Hok Chheang Kim, Technical Director of the Cambodian Wrestling Federation, said that there are 299 wrestlers including 19 female wrestlers come from 10 clubs across Cambodia have participate in National Wrestling Championship Tournament 2011. Comparing to last year, the number of wrestlers is increase as 240 wrestler including 11 female wrestlers from nine clubs participated in the 2010 tournament.
He added that competition has 16 competition subjects and divided into two categories subject including modern wrestling competition and traditional wrestling competition. In modern wrestling, there are three kinds of competition such as free wrestling tournament style for man (51 kg, 54 kg, 60 kg and free weight), free wrestling style tournament for women (48 kg, 51 kg and free weight) and Greek wrestling style for man (55 kg and free weight). For traditional wrestling, there are only two kinds of competition including man (48 kg, 55 kg, 59 kg, 63 kg, 66 kg and free weight) and woman (50 kg).
According to report, police club was the first winner which receive gold medal and 1.6 million riel, Vihar Sour club was the second winner which receive silver medal and 1.2 million riel, Samki Meanchey club was the third winner which receive bronze medal and 0.8 million riel and last winner is traditional wrestling club which receive bronze medal and 0.4 million riel.
Source: The Southeast Asia Weekly, May 29-June 4, 2011, Vol. 5, Issue 22, Page 12

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