UC Mark 3rd Anniversary of Preach Vihear’s Listing

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By Sok Lak

While the Royal Government of Cambodia, Public Institution and Pagoda celebrate the third anniversary of Preach Vihear as World Heritage across country, a lot of students come from University of Cambodia stand along the Norodom street in front of University of Cambodia (UC) on July 7, wearing T-shirt bearing “Khmer love Khmer” and “I love Cambodia”, waving the national flag with big picture of Preach Vihear Temple to sing the songs relation with the Preach Vihear temple and national songs in order to celebrate the third year anniversary of Preach Vihear as World Heritage.
Cambodian temple, Preach Vihear, which is the third Khmer heritage listed as World Heritage Site after Angkor Wat temple in 1992 by UNESCO at 32nd session in Canada since July 7, 2008.
Chheang Sangvath, Associate Dean of College of Education and Director for the Office of Student Academic Affairs, said that on behalf of education institution, University of Cambodia is celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Preach Vihear. “It is a nice program for every citizen in Cambodia as well as students to celebrate this great event to commemorate our temple listed as world heritage. This celebration is also to glorify culture while Cambodia has national heritage listed as world heritage and remind all Cambodian people know that July 7 is the date that listed Preach Vihear temple as world heritage,” he mentioned.
Preach Vihear is heritage for all Cambodia citizens as well as Cambodia, so Cambodia should care about it. “All Khmer people should remember that July 7 as the date listed National heritage, Preach Vihear temple listed as world heritage,” he pointed out.
Recently, UC also have donation and request donation to contribute to protect Preach Vihear while it has conflict with Thai. The school also plans to bring students to visit the temple as the idea appear since 2008, but a lot of students interested in it, so the school need to plan careful for this trip. “I think this plan will be active soon,” he stated.
Chhay Daroth, a UC student who participate the event, said that this ceremony is to commemorate the 3rd Anniversary of the Temple of Preah Vihear listed as a World Heritage. “Being a Cambodian citizen, I need to join this ceremony to show the world that Cambodian citizens love the Temple of Preah Vihear, and we all love Cambodia, I am really delighted and proud that the Temple of Preah Vihear is listed as a World Heritage. I am proud to be Cambodians.” he stressed.
Daroth express his idea on celebrating of the third year anniversary of Preach Vihear as World Heritage. Celebration is to show the whole world that Cambodian citizens love their Preah Vihear Temple and Cambodia, to tell the world that Cambodian people care about their Preah Vihear Temple and Cambodia, and to show the world that Cambodia is united and very strong which it is also a way to strengthen the spirit of loving nation, he mentioned.
“I think we should celebrate this memorable and historical event every year. Anyways, the history and any important event related to Preah Vihear temple should be included into high school education.”
Source: The Southeast Asia Weekly, July 10-16, 2011, Vol. 5, Issue 28, Page 10

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