National Sport Lottery re-operates

By Sok Lak

Through the marketing strategy plan and sport industrial of National Olympic Committee of Cambodia in seeking money to support and enhance Olympic movement activities and sport activities for all sport federations, the Cambodia National Sports Lottery will officially operate again from August 7 and release first time result at Wat Phnom.
Vath Chamroeun, Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia, announced at a press conference on June 26 in Phnom Penh, that after a period of adjustment, the national sport lottery will operate again next month and he believe that public would support it.
Even though sport lottery is fail in operation and lose in one year, but it contributed many sport activities such as contribute a part to send athlete to attend SEA Games in China, launch Khmer cheese competition, organize many sport activities and also donate some part to military at Peach Vihear temple, he mentioned.
As the important of national sport lottery in supporting sport activities in Cambodia, the Royal Government of Cambodia premised National sport fund of National Olympic Committee of Cambodia cooperates with Private Company under direct checking from Financial Industry Department of Ministry of Economy and Finance to operate national sport lottery again.
With the reform, the lottery sales management will control by more than ten years experience Chinese company and the result of lottery draw will release four times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday) at 6pm at Wat Phnom, he stressed.
The income earn from National Sport lottery will divided three parts as 65% for prize, 10% for tax and 25% for company fund and support sport activities. “25% of the ratio is small, but if more people participate, it will be a lot of money for supporting sport activities,” Chamroeun emphasized.

According to Director of Sport Lottery Company said that company plan to lose for two years as he prepared five million dollars for lose and 2.5 million deposited money with more than 20 million dollars investments. “It is a happy thing if it lose for developing sport sector and it is better to lose because of playing games”
From July 27 to 30, company distributed 180,000 free lucky draw which amounted US$20,000 to public and 100 agencies in Phnom Penh can sell lottery to all people from 31 July 2011.
Source: The Southeast Asia Weekly, July 31-August 6, 2011, Vol. 5, Issue 31, Page 12

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