Cambodia will Send Four Boxkator Fighters to Compete in Malaysia

By Sok Lak

Four fighters of Boxkator, Cambodia traditional marital art will leave country to participate Mixed Martial Art (MMA) Fighting in Malaysia on September 10-12.
San Kimsean, President of the Cambodia Bokator Federation, said that Malysia invited Cambodia Martial Art, Boxkator to attend Mixed Martial Art Fighting in order to compete with other martial art from other corners of the world. “It marked the first time for Cambodia Bokator to be invited to join competition,” he stressed.
The four Bokator fighters-Say Tevin, Kong Ravy, Tun Serey and Antonio Graceffo and they will led by Gold Kroma San Kim Sean to Malaysia. After the competition, Malaysia suggests Cambodia to perform their martial art for its citizens to know about Bokator. Moreover, Malaysia also wants a Bokator master to train there.
Kim Sean expressed his concern about passport of Bokator fighters, because it is nearly time to leave country. “We are waiting for the passport.”
“I was afraid that Bokator fighters cannot join competition this time, the good luck and bad luck of Bokator now is dependent on passport.” He added that Cambodia Bokator be ready for upcoming MMA. “We lack only power but we have ability for the competition, because Cambodia Bokator need food to support to their physical ability,” he stressed.
Cambodia Bokator Federation has no sponsor from other institutions yet even from Ministry, he emphasized.  The Bokator Revival again in 2006. It has been recognized and ranked 33th by the World Martial Arts Union, an NGO in operational relations with UNESCO in 2009. It also achieved the second place in international martial-arts performances in Seoul in 2010. Nowadays, Bokator has around 20 masters with around 1000 students across the country.

Source: The Southeast Asia Weekly, August 28-September 3, 2011, Vol. 5, Issue 35, Page 12


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