IBM Eyes on Cambodia Market Again

By Sok Lak
IBM reaffirmed its commitment to the Cambodian market through a two-day event from 5 to 6 October in Phnom Penh which it demonstrated technology solutions for companies and governments of all sizes. With the potential market in Cambodia, IBM targets to set up its full branch in Cambodia at the beginning of next year to expand its global market.

Phyllis Tan (left), GEO Expansion Sales Executive present
IBM strategy to Asia
“Cambodia is a big potential market for IBM while it viewed 3.5 billion market opportunity by 2013 in ASEAN geography expansion,”. IBM can be able to capture more than 10 percent market share by 2013,” Phyllis Tan, GEO Expansion Sales Executive. Currently, IBM expand its geography covered 18 cities among ASEAN countries including Phnom Penh and it plans to expand four cities every year by 2015, he added.
“IBM is actively expanding its operations around the world as part of the company’s continued geographic expansion initiative to increase its presence in key growth markets and support its global growth strategy. The IBM Comes to You 2011 is an event in Phnom Penh demonstrates IBM’s commitment to significantly increase its presence in Cambodia and support its clients and partners in the country.
IBM is especially committed to strengthening its long term relationship with government and educational institutions to help spur innovation and lay foundations for future economic growth,” said Vo Lan Long, Country General Manager of IBM Vietnam.
Cambodia has made great strides since 1991 with high GDP growth of around 9 percent over the last 10 years and the country is ensuring peace and security, rebuilding institutions, establishing a stable macroeconomic environment and putting in place a liberal investment regime. Moreover, government has drawn up a comprehensive reform agenda embedded in its National Strategic Development Plan 2006-2010 and a 10-year Master Plan for ICT Education for Pre-school to University, he mentioned.
IBM comes to Cambodia to do business in Cambodia since 1960. “As the plan, it will open four new branches in 2011 and added about four new branches every year till 2015. At the same time, it will hire 55 more resources into GEO expansion in 2011 and plans to recruit 30 to 40 more each year as IBM grow GEO expansion,” Vo Lan Long stressed.
Source: The Southeast Asia Weekly, October 8-15, 2011, Vol. 5, Issue 41, Page 5

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