Know Your ASEAN” Book Launched in Khmer Vision

By Sok Lak
The Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in cooperation with Cambodia Institute for Cooperation and Peace (CICP) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation launched an initiative with the publication of a book titled “Know Your ASEAN” in Khmer Vision on November 29th in Phnom Penh along with a regional conference of Cambodia-Lao-Myanmar-Vietnam (CLMV) and ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015: Bridging the Development Divide.
The book translated into the Khmer language comprises 52 pages along with 40 questions and answers in which facts on ASEAN’s establishment, membership, financing and decision-making are mentioned. It recalls the association’s contributions to regional security and explains what ASEAN is doing to integrate the regional economy and promote regional cooperation on the environment, infectious diseases, counterterrorism, poverty reduction, and natural disasters. It also clarifies such issues as non-interference and human rights.
K. Kesavapany, Director of Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, said that this book will enable all Cambodians, particularly the youth and school children, to know about ASEAN in the Khmer language, their own language. “Cambodia will be Chairman of ASEAN in 2012, so it is important for all Cambodians, not just the elite, but the unlettered as well, to understand the importance of ASEAN for regional peace, stability and prosperity to support the government and mark Cambodia’s Chairmanship as an imminent success.
“Know Your ASEAN” book has been translated into Malay, Chinese and will be translated into Lao, Burmese and Vietnamese soon,” he added.
H.E. Kao Kim Hourn, Secretary of State of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, said that this small book is a major contribution, not only in promoting ASEAN issues to people who have work relevant to ASEAN, but also will promote public awareness about ASEAN, especially the singular vision to have one community by 2015. “Know your
ASEAN” in the Khmer version will play a big part in cooperation in order to develop knowledge of ASEAN and ASEAN identity in Cambodia while Cambodia is preparing to be chairman of ASEAN in 2012,” he added.

Samdech PM Hun Sen, in the cabinet meeting last week, urged all local authorities to understand the issue deeply about ASEAN because the country will reach a higher profile.
Source: The Southeast Asia Weekly, December 4-10, 2011, Vol. 5, Issue 49, Page 10

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