Cambodia Called People to Wear Helmet to Reduce Death Rate

By Sok Lak
The government of Cambodia called people to wear helmet for their driving safety to reduce the death rate in Cambodia.  
The number of traffic accidents in Cambodia for nine month of 2011 is 3,854, decrease 7.64 percent compare to the same period last year, but the number of death is 1,445 people, an increasing 12.45 percent, according to H.E. Ung Chun Hour, General Secretary of the National Road Safety Committee (GSNRSC) on December 8.
According to 2010 report, 6941 traffic accident happened in Cambodia, resulting 18,287 casualties including deaths up to 1,816 people and 6,718 injured people. The report also said that the number of people died in traffic accidents in which about 67 percent are motorcycle drivers, of which 73 percent is caused because of not wearing a helmet. “Through this workshop, it will called for a motorcycle driver including peer and children should wear a helmet in order to reduce the death in traffic,” he said.
He pointed out that in order to reduce traffic deaths, the National Road Safety Committee and relevant departments need to modify the content of the Road Transport Act section 34 articles and 10 new articles of new traffic law. The law is modified to allow a motorcycle driver, companion and children to wear helmets while driving motorcycles.

He also called on people who use road to comply with traffic laws, wear a helmet while driving, wear seat belts, not over speeding, not drink during driving, in order to actively participate in reducing traffic accidents.


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