Japan Provides Assistance to Build Taches Rivers Wharf

The Government of Japan is providing US$102,805 to the Taches Commune Council at Kampong Trakacg District in Kampong Chhnang province to construct a wharf on the Taches River Wharf.
The grant contract was signed on Feb 22 between Kawamura Hiroshi, Deputy Chief of Mission/Minister of the Japanese Embassy in Cambodia, and Suos Siphay, Chief of Taches Commune Council, at the Embassy of Japan in Phnom Penh.
Kawamura Hiroshi said that the grant will enable the Taches commune council in Kampong Chhnang Province to construct a concrete river wharf and pontoons along the Tonle Sap River as replacement for a wooden facility that was in poor condition.
“With this new wharf, 28,720 people from four communes will be able to cross the Tonle Sap River safely throughout a year and they will face no difficulty to access schools and clinics,” he said.
To be continued…


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