Women mean business in Cambodia

They’re a driving force in the economy, but face high hurdles to advancement

Entrepreneurship in Cambodia is showing its feminine side. Women are more active than ever in Cambodian business, at least on the micro and small end of things. And while traditional Khmer culture often relegated women to the home, more and more have decided to take their talents to the marketplace. Today, more businesses are owned by women than men.

That’s not to say it’s all rosy for females in the Cambodian business world. They still face mighty obstacles, especially if they want to take their small or micro enterprises to the next step. Higher rates of illiteracy and poor educational backgrounds make it harder for women to succeed than men. Still, the outlook for women in business is looking better than it ever has.

Heng Seltik, national coordinator for a project by the International Labor Organization promoting women-owned businesses and gender equality, says the role of Cambodian women entrepreneurs has changed dramatically over the last few years. She says women are very active in many types of businesses today and often running those enterprises with a high degree of professionalism.

To be continued…

Source: Economics Today, Issue 114, April 02-08
Link: http://www.etmcambodia.com/blog.php?article=323


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