Poem 30: Literature world of me

By Sok Lak

It is a wonderful and beautiful night,
Joyful, happy, and enjoy within my style,
Sometimes I do not know what is wrong and right,
Just want to change dark to bright and black to white,
Smiling, trying and hopeful lead to be nice.

It is hard, unclear, and unknown to describe,
The ideas, meanings, and the words of what I write,
Often create a complication and a why,
Sometimes keep it apart and put it aside,
However problems have been solved by smiles.

The world of literature is fantastic nice,
Bring concepts, ideas, and knowledge to my sky,
Thank teacher always give me power, advice,
To write read literature work with a great style,
Shakespeare is a poet I keep in mind.

*Written April, 2010


On 23 April 2010, my friend and I who studies poetry class at university discuss together then decide to celebrate 446th birthday of Sir William Shakespeare or called Bard, the king of English literature, by composing a poem as gift for him. Each of us wrote a poem for his special birthday. Do hope everyone enjoy my poem.



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