SEAW#1: NGOCRC Plans to Create Children Monitoring System in Cambodia

Published on SEAW, Vol.4, Issue 40 (1 October 2010)

By Sok Lak

Non-Government Organization Committee for Children’s Right (NGOCRC) has held a seminar on “Development of Child Right Monitoring Mechanism and System” September 30th, 2010, at Cambodiana Hotel.

The purpose of this seminar is to understand UN Human Right Monitoring Mechanisms’ center idea, look through the applying of UN convention on the right of the children and doing reports about the applying of children right in Cambodia.

We want to create a standard monitoring system in Cambodia in order to be easy in analysis and measurable in common way, because there are many organizations also have their monitoring system, but is different from each other and analyze in different way to create different result. Therefore, NGOCRC want to set up a monitoring system the same as UN monitoring system” Mr. Hieng Sovannara, consultant of NGO Committee said at the seminar.

He added that monitoring system is the implement tool to measure implement of government and NGOs in Cambodia. “It also help us to be well-known and lead to be success in work”

All level of government, community organization and supporting NGOCRC organization are involved in motoring system, he noted.

He remarked that state parties undertake to the committee, through the Secretary-General of the United Nation, reports on the measures they have adopted which give effect to the right recognized herein and on the progress made on the enjoyment of those rights: within two years of the entry into force of the convention for the state party concerned; thereafter every five year.

“There are many tools in collecting data of children right such as open question or close question or checklists table, related documents, report, statistics, question list and interview, he mentioned. “UN committee also give some recommendation to set up this system to add definition of children, free of children and all children must take all appropriate legislative to.”

One of the audience come from Plan organization said that all points should be specific and simple to be easy in use. It is note that NGOCRC is a national coalition of forty six NGOs in the kingdom of Cambodia whose major commonality is their commitment towards the right of child.


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