Poem 46: Facebook Friends

By Sok Lak

Friendship is easy in created,
Easy to connect and edited,
Just only two click for being friend,
One click if you want to be unfriend.These situations appear in facebook,
That I just learned, knew, saw and took,
Whatever you want or do not want,
But you can not control what you want.

Just let’s them go without much worry,
Sometimes a bit sad if want carry,
No way, no idea, no solution,
Keeping them, but can not take action.

Because we can not become real friend,
Just only make friend as unreal friend,
Be silent to receive what happen,
Being happy return into pain.

Keep all those things and store in my mind,
Make it as experience in my sky.


After playing in Facebook over half year, I found out that facebook is very good place for everyone around the world to meet each other, share knowledge, share ideas, share feeling and everything in daily life. At the same, I also found out that friends on facebook is different from friends in the real world (as description in poem above). Even though it is like description, but I hope facebook friend can become real friend the same as the friends in the real world, not only friends on internet.

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