Poem List

More to go, stay tune!


69. First job

68. Happy Birthday!

  1. Life is beautiful
  2. Uncertainty*

  3. How am I happy*

  4. My imagination to literature

  5. Angkor Wat trip with friends

  6. D A R K N E S S

  7. Life

  8. What is my day?

  9. Non-Change

  10. Always smile to you

  11. What can I do?

  12. What is life?

  13. A trip to Kampot

  14. Sunshine and smile

  15. Good Night and Good Luck

  16. Coming day

  17. The day submit thesis

  18. A mind at morning

  19. Mood vs Thesis

  20. Smile always come to be my solution

  21. Bye Bye facebook

  22. Facebook Friends

  23. Is it holiday?

  24. Still be unclear

  25. The early night

  26. Unexpected thing

  27. How do I feel?

  28. Unknown, but be happy to face

  29. Never feel of it

  30. If it is destiny, what would my life be?


  1. Questions

  2. To be or not to be, that’s always my question

  3. Just want to say good night

  4. Life is like that

  5. Holiday

  6. Sunrise
  7. Literature world of me
  8. Her
    28. Do not keep Tired in mind, my friend
    27. Do not cry, my friend
    26.Never give up in finding, my friend
    25. A Lie
    24.Do not lose your try, my friend
    23. Enjoy our time
    22. Nothing is no thing
    21. Negative thinking vs positive thinking
    20. This is the world?
    19. Why
    18. Well done
    17.Keeping them
    16. Always being a positive mode
    15. Do not Think About It!
    14. Keeping them
    13. A Wonderful Night
    12. Good night
    11. Keep positive thinking welcome tomorrow
    10. A happy feeling for weekend
    9. That’s my life?
    8. What should I do now?
    7. Unknown Feeling
    6. Regret
    5. A small idea about feeling
    4. Being good!
    3. The way of success
    2. Loser is just a name, winner is fact
    1. Feeling

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