Another revolution journey, ecoentrepreneur

Phnom Penh, 29 October 2016

It is exciting that Cambodia Green Will project selected among 8 14900494_1840853252824586_8204042938402976139_nprojects to participate in the Climate Champion Awards in
Ecoentrepreneurs for the Climate in Phnom Penh which a part of global week of green business and the climate movement. The program organized by Impact Hub Phnom Penh and announced winner on 29 Oct 2016.

The program selected 8 projects including: Chhalt, The CO2 Gate, Cambodia Green Will, Green Hub, Fic, Sustainable Green Fuel enterprise, Cleanbodia and so on.

At the day of event, the beginning with presenting the partners and networking session and then go to climate innovation lab which let’s everybody pop up all issues happening and form as a group to figure out business model for solutions to deal with climate issues. After that a small break, it is time for 8 projects for presentation on their business ideas and business model.

As a founder and project coordinator of Cambodia Green Will project, I was there to present the concept of Cambodia Green Will on the theme “From awareness to Practical” and integrated with Scholar Library to become “Scholar Green Knowledge Park” business which focus on three pillars:

  1. Green intellectual resource: a place where people not only access to environment book, documents and information, but also practical ideas and real environment solution take place at library (which transfer from knowledge to practical)
  2. Green communities: a real learning and practical working service on growing young people together as team to care about environment and building their capacity especially on soft skills including leadership, project management, communication, interpenetration, negotiation, problem solving and so on to be future human resource.
  3. Green speaker program: a program designed to invited and engage experienced people, experience and have high knowledge in environment to do skill and knowledge transfer to young people especially green communities.


Here is the slide I do presentation: from-awareness-to-practical

Even though it is just only shortlist, but it is already the step to move on. Keep moving! Another revolution journey, ecoentrepreneur.







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