Cambodia Green Will featured by Impact Hub Phnom Penh

Green journey is going

Source from Impact Hub Phnom Penh

Interview by Tong Hour, Ambassador of Impact Hub Phnom Pen


For our Youth With Impact interview series, we had the chance to interview Mr. Sok Lak, one of the founders of Writing Alliance and Cambodia Green Will.

Cambodia Green Will, founded in August 2012, is one the projects initiated by Writing Alliance, a student-run association made of many young Cambodian writers hoping to promote better lives and green practices through writing.

Why Was Cambodia Green Will Formed?

We see that our economy is growing very fast- at about 7% each year- with new buildings and infrastructure popping up constantly. We also see new issues such as waste management, health problems, air pollution, and other environmental hazards. This is why Writing Alliance initiated this project- to help address and raise awareness about these.
What is the vision of Cambodia Green Will?

Our vision is to see Cambodian youth living sustainable lives and caring about the environment. Along with this vision, we have 3 objectives including; promoting urban environments, helping people see different angles of green ideas and encouraging them to practice those ideas in their daily life, and finally activating the potential of Cambodian youth.
What are some of the activities that Cambodia Green Will has carried out or is planning to do?

We have accomplished around 20 activities including presentations, photo competitions, workshops, photo exhibitions, green youth training programs, and youth forums. All of these activities focus on green practices.
Moreover, we are planning a relaunch all of the activities mentioned earlier including green youth training programs and a green ideas competition which mainly focuses on urban environment.

As Cambodia Green Will is a social project, is there any direct supporters of this project?

Actually, we do not have any long-term supporters, but we do have a fair amount of short-term partners. There is, however, one German non-profit organization, named Heinrich Boll Stiftung Cambodia, that we still keep in touch with. This NGO provides us technical support such as training, human resources and advice. They even provided us financial support for the publication of our photo book. Other support comes from young people who come to us and pay fees for the workshops and training programs, including photography skills, leadership skills, technological skills, and project management. We also receive short-term sponsorship from different private companies such as Ezecom, and CJCC.

As a founder of Cambodia Green Will, what is your advice to young people regarding sustainable living?

Most people only think about money, whilst some only care about social activities. I believe that the most sustainable thinking is to focus on both. In other words, make profit out of businesses that also care about the environment which can lead to a more sustainable, healthy and productive life.

How can we keep in touch with and follow up with what your community is doing?

People can reach us through our Facebook page, Cambodia Green Will , or Writing Alliance . We are also working on our website, however it is not completed yet. Another means that the public can approach us is via our emails. There are 2 emails- and .


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