[News] Destination of Green is the theme of “The Great Khmer Empire” Movie

[News] Published in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (6 October 2010)

By Sok Lak
Mr. Thomas Magyer, Hollywood Corporation Film’s executive producer and Mr. Tony Schiena, film actor of the Hollywood Corporation Company visited Minister of Ministry of Tourism on October 5th at Ministry of Tourism to discuss about “The Great Khmer Empire” movie and ask for support.

“After I rise time to Cambodia and I have seems Siem Reap, I realize that Cambodia is a very beautiful place to shoot the story, so the first episode of our TV show is shoot in Cambodia, in Siem Reap, in Preah Vihear and some other locations in Cambodia”,  Mr Tony Schiena told H.E Thong Khon, minister of Tourism.

He continued TV show series of The Great Khmer Empire has twelve episodes and first episode is taken in Cambodia and other eleven take in South Asia and other places. The destination of green is the theme in the episode. I want to show people over the world look Cambodia through green perspective. This TV show also shows Cambodia a good life.

“I would like to shoot film on January 21st, because I think it is a good time to shoot destination of green,” he noted.

H.E Thong Khon also agree with him and told him that January is a good time for shooting the destination of green, but it is a bit little rain in that month and nowadays environment is changed everytime due to climate change.

The Hollywood corporation company need ministry of tourism to cooperate and support the film of Great Khmer Empire especially the information of beautiful places. “We fully support and walk together with you”, he emphasized.


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