Social Project Involvement

Sok Lak, urban youth who never know about and involve in any social activities even through he lived in Phnom Penh city, where a developed place and so much opportunities, till he almost graduated from university. The last year of his university journey, he stepped in and started his first ever time in social work and volunteering in a student-run association where he and his team initiated and co-found together, that team called Writing Alliance. After that, he actively involve and co-initiated many social projects and activities. One of those social project called Cambodia Green Will.

Below are social projects that he is part of organizing committee/initiator/creator/leader:

  • Changran book
  • Various Environment Ideas book
  • Youth Forum on rising temperature
  • Tiger Day 2015
  • Plant Trees to Seed Virtue
  • Green Will Photo Exhibition III
  • Green Will Photo Exhibition II
  • Green Will Bike Mission
  • Green Will Photo Exhibition I
  • Green Will Workshop
  • Green Will Photo Contest
  • Green Youth Program
  • Charity to Kampong Spue
  • Green Journey to Eco-tourism, Areng
  • Achievement & Future III
  • Press Conference for Achievement & Future III and Phum Bun II
  • Writing Contest on Women topic
  • Creative Writing Class
  • Read to Write – Library Tour
  • Writing Challenge campaign
  • Major Choosing workshop and trip
  • Cycling and Caring
  • Green Will in Green Night
  • Riding and Planting
  • Let’s Planting
  • Basic Journalism Writing training
  • Writing Alliance 3rd Anniversary Party
  • Achivement & Future II
  • Green Will Study Trip
  • Green Will Photo Exhibition
  • Green Will Workshop
  • Green Will Writing Contest
  • Green Will Photo Contest
  • Let’s Do It Writing Contest
  • Let’s Do It Photo Contest
  • Green Will Tree Planting
  • Green Photo Contest on Environment in Your View
  • Doing Business with Green Mindset workshop
  • Wat Veang Chas Tree Planting Trip
  • Plant More Tree Project
  • I Live To Move It project
  • Basic Article Writing
  • Resume and Cover Letter workshop
  • The Creative Thinker
  • so on.

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