Why should we study more?

[Journal] 11.01.2017

The day of 11 January 2017 is not really a good day for me. Since morning, I was really exciting about meeting with Unit Nation Development Program (UNDP) specialist in Cambodia and hope to discuss more and prepare a very strategic workshop for librarian to learn and understand as well as continue their works to be more critical in development process, but unlucky the meeting cannot made due to urgent issue. Because of no meeting, we had more time then the team went to Pannasastra University of Cambodia library for upcoming workshop on “Library Role in Development – SDGs”. After the meeting, I met a little girl. She seems remember me so well and make me surprise so that I just smile to her.

After that, we spent a few minutes on conservation. In the mid points, she ask me.

Her: Bong, did you graduated?

I simply answer: I already finished and graduated in Bachelor degree.

Her: hmm…

I continued: Still planning to continue to study master degree in one or two years more.

Her: Why should you continue study?

I smiled and reply: I want to increase my productivity in working.

Her: why?

Me: The more I know the more productive I am and the more result from my work. Knowledge can help to guide in a very short ways to achieve our goals and our work. So if we want to produce more result and impact, we need to study more.

Her: Yes, that’s right. My grandparent also blame me on not to continue study, because I drop to study here.

Me: Sister, you should not do that. The more study you do, the better future. You should continue your study.

Her: Yes, bong. Thanks!

After this conservation, I realized that there are many ways to explain the value of knowledge. There are many reasons for people to study whatever we are children, student, employee, employer, unemployed person, business person, old people and so on. Everyone still need to study or learn in any form to consume knowledge to increase quality of their life (work, friend, social, family, personal and …).

“The more knowledge we have, the more quality of life we enjoy.”  Sok Lak


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