Why Poor Reading is Matter to Company to Concern?

In Cambodia, students study 4 years to obtain bachelor degree. In each year, there are two semesters which has 5 subjects for each semester. To finish one semester, it needs to completed 5 subjects. Normally, each subject has 2 or 3 books for students to study. To sum up, finish a bachelor degree, students need to finish at least 80 books for their higher education. As average, it is around 20 books per year.

8172948-Human-resources-issues-and-other-people-concepts-as-3D-stick-figure-symbols-on-jigsaw-puzzle-pieces--Stock-PhotoHowever, most of students normally cannot finish reading 5 books in a year and 20 books in 4 years. For getting and completed a bachelor degree, it required to finish 80 books, so most of Cambodian students cannot finish them, still another 60 books left behind which result of low quality when graduated.

To gain higher knowledge, book is the best source to generate information and knowledge after teacher. Also teacher also do not have a lot of times to do lecturers for students to listen. It needs students to do more research and read more.

When read less book, it would result of low productivity, low creativity, and low outcome of works.

If they go to work for a company, then that company would be low productivity and resulted of lower company performance and revenue.

When low revenue, company will face difficulty and hard to survive.

At the same, the effects of ASEAN integration on free flow of labor/investment/capital, upcoming global economic crisis and fast changing of business and investment environment

Low performance company would face bankrupt during hardship time.

To avoid these situation, company try to invest on capacity building on their staffs include sending them to training, workshop and conference even go aboard for it. At least million dollars gone on human resource development of each company, but why do not they invest on library?

Do not they think library could help their staff for knowledge improvement which increase productivity?

Go back to our assumption data above, average student read only 5 books per year, but a BA need to read 20 per years, so how can we empower employee to read more books to be qualified to increase productivity of company?

If employee can read 20 books per year, so company no need to invest 1000$ per year on a potential employee throughout training platform. They just need to invest on book or library service for their employee to empower them to read another 15 books. If their investment on book or library service successfully, they can save around 600 to 800$ per year from training services and other capacity building platform they are currently using. Another one, they also can transfer books to other employees or using low cost services like library services which is existing in the market, but most of organization or company never use it.

Let’s imagine together:

If the company can empower their employee read and maximum benefits from book, so:

  • 1 potential employee can save up to 800$
  • 10 potential employee can save up to 8000$
  • 100 potential employee can save up to 80,000$

10 years from now for 100 potential employee, company can save up 80 thousand dollars plus 15,000 books.


The question is why company not invest on book or library services?


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