Sok LakSok Lak is a city boy who lives in Phnom Penh in Cambodia where the country he dream and love to make positive impact and grow green heart.

Currently, he is co-founder of Scholar Library. He is a freelancer economic reporter and co-founder of Writing Alliance, an independent student-run association aiming to promote writing awareness among Cambodian young generation.

During his career life and university life, he attended hundred of conferences, workshops, seminars, training and social activities from international level, national level to local level and community level. Mostly, he join economic, business, environment, youth and technology topic.

He got a bachelor degree of Developmental Economics from Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE) in 2010. In 2012, he got another bachelor degree of English Literature from University of Cambodia (UC).

In the childhood, he did not really love to write. Writing class was the most boring and headache class for him. Meanwhile, he enjoyed science subjects such as mathematics, biology, chemistry and so on. In high school, he really loved to study chemical as he is interested in phenomenal of nature and interaction of chemical elements. He used to spend a lot of time to study and investigate on it.

Eventually, he began love to write when attended a creative writing class as he found that it is very fun and creative idea. He could use his imagination and what he is thinking to draw out them on a piece of paper in form of writing. Later, he studies poetry (English Literature) class which makes him love to use writing to enjoy his daily life. He treats writing as an art to enjoy life and make him happy when he is sad or happy. To him, writing is last forever achievement that he can bring to next generation and remind as well as record every value time that he enjoys, learns, experiences and engages with.

He starts his formal writing with a writing club at university in late 2010. That’s writing club has a formal name as “Writing Alliance” in January 2011. At the same time, he also got a job as reporter at Southeast Asia Weekly. With hard working, he updated his career as economic and business reporter at Economics Today Magazine (ETM) late 2011.

His principle: “Social benefit plus pareto efficient trend individualism with long term benefit.”


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