The ideas for calculating economic lose from flooding in Phnom Penh

If we want to know how much Phnom Penh economic lose, we need to calculate the everything that lose into money, so that it is easy to know how much lose in money.

The calculation should include:

Loss on infrastructure:

  • The amount of money on the road damage from flooding (acide from Phnom Penh wastes mixed with rain water also cost highly damage)
  • The amount of money on damage of public garden by flooding (The big rain and high level water from flood will highly destroy the existing and new garden in Phnom Penh)
  • The amount of money on the damage of water treatment in Phnom Penh

Loss on family economic:

  • The amount money from losing or damaging of things/stuffs in house from flooding (including stuffs we used in home, equipments, business products and so on)
  • The amount of money to fix the damage of machine of transportation including car and motor by flooding
  • The amount of money for healthcare of human being caused by flooding (especially disease from dirty waste mixed with rain water)

Lose on business:

  • Business lose during flooding hour (some business cannot operate or no customer during flooding)
  • The amount of money from losing working hours and productivity during flooding (traffic jam or road blocked by water and so on)
  • and so on

Total all damages and lose in money amount, we will know how much Phnom Penh’s economic lose.

Welcome for comments and others ideas to calculate economic lose of Phnom Penh. Let’s me know if you have good ideas on calculation.