What’s A Life

Life, you really make fun of me,
Life, you always treat me so good,
Life, you give me all colorful taste,
Life, you give a full of misery,
Life, you are like an experiment place,
Life, you are like a story in theater
Life, you are always change all the times,
Life, even we plan well still you keep shaping.


Ignorance is happy?

By Sok Lak

What If we know nothing, it would be great.
What If we never know its cause, we would ignore.
What if we never know its impact, we would avoid.
What if we never know them, we would never care.
What if we never care, we would not take actions.

We love to waste our long term happiness when we do not know.
We love to live in suffering and continue it because we do not know.
We love to enjoy misery because we do not know.
We do not know, we do not know, we do not know.
When we do not know, that some people called happiness.

Happiness, happy and enjoy in short term.
Than suffering, misery and live hard in long term.
Which one we prefer? Which one we choose?

Happy Khmer New Year 2017

By Sok Lak

Khmer new year every year,
All friends are not near,
Everyone go back homeland,
Enjoy with family for their plan,
Gathering, reunion and so cool,
Happy, enjoy with jokeful.

The city which full of people,
Busy Traffic like flying bubble,
Everywhere all time are human,
Girl, boy, man and woman,
Old, young, parents and children,
Handing together enjoy near garden.

Sitting on the boat from far place,
Seeing the view in font of Royal palace,
There have people not more than ten,
The noise before now so silence,
Moment is not like as everyday life,
Make us realize is not city style.

This year is not different from last year,
Alone sometimes and with few friends,
Riding and walking around quiet city,
Feeling lonely but relax and peacefully.

Date: 16 April 2017

Mission to Siem Reap

When the time is limited,

And the passion is high,
Two thing at same time,
Schedule is very tight,
But need to achieve with why,
One do to survive,
Another achieve dream,
Two mission at the time,
Same same struggling,
Mission to Siem Reap,
Online for Phnom Penh.


Green View in Kampong Thom Province

Poem List

More to go, stay tune!


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    1. Feeling

Poem69: First job

By Sok Lak

They only tell us what to do, but never teach us how to do,

They care only quantity, but never care of quality,

They care only how much we work, but never care how hard we are,

They care only how many hours we work, but never care how many time we OT,


Work, Work, Work

Work, Work Work


When they really understand how the feeling of employee rather than their profit?

Or employee is only suffer like this or what?


*Written in December 2011

Poem 68: Happy Birthday!

By Sok Lak

Happy birthday to my lovely dada.

My wishes send through wing,

Flying a long of gold ink,

Written healthy for blessing,

Hope you a happy being,

Wealthy go with smiling,

Starting a life without boring,

Building a simple thing,

Complete a way full of dazzling,

Like a story of ugly ducking,

Struggle in life without losing,

Or give up when tackling. 🙂

*Written in November 2011