Fabio Cannavaro, Italy’s FIFA World Cup winning captain in 2006 and voted as the FIFA player of the year, paid a visit to Phnom Penh from Jan 8-11 to promote and support football in the Kingdom.
“As this is the first time for him to come to Cambodia, Fabio is very excited to be here,” Kunihito Morimura, CEO of Dentsu Sport Asia, said during a press conference on Jan 10 in Phnom Penh.
While visiting Cambodia, Fabio showed up at various football-related events to share his stories, expertise and experiences as a top professional football player, he added.
“He is very keen to raise the profile of football in Cambodia, as well as supporting disadvantaged children here in Phnom Penh. Fabio is also looking forward to experiencing the culture and meeting the people of Cambodia,” said Rithy Samnang, President of 855 Sports Promotion Group and Phnom Penh Crown FC.
Rithy Samnang recollected how Cannavaro talked about how he has played football since he was eight years old and even though he’s now 38, he can still play the sport.
“He hoped he could share his experiences with all young Cambodian football players and learn more about football in this country,” he said.
During his visit to Cambodia, he also held coaching clinic sessions with the Phnom Penh Crown FC Elite Academy and the Cambodia National U-21 team. As well, he had a meet and greet with fans at the Gold Dragon Shop, opposite the Cambodia National Stadium.

Chess Championship Tournament 2011

By Sok Lak
Mr. Houy Uy on September 12 controlled the top spot for the Chess Championship tournament this year and he will have a chance to join the international chess tournament in Macau late year. Mr. Heng Chamnan was the second place winner and third place went to Mr. Lay Chhay. Mr. Ly Hout, President of Cambodia Chess Federation said: “Mr. Houy Uy is a new young one for the chess team and he won the championship this year.” So far, we have not yet known him. Whether Mr. Houy Uy will go to Macau or not will be discussed as a player to join the international chess tournament this year,” he said, adding that what we are concerned about now is the expense for this event. “Players need to spend their own money for this event.” He added. Mr. Heng Chamnan has attended many events.
Mr. Houy Uy (left) against Mr. Chamnan on the chess board

Mr. Heng Chamnan

This year, 20 Chinese Chess players across the country attended the annual Cambodia Chinese Chess tournament over two days, September 3-4, at the Cambodia Chess Federation headquarters in Phnom Penh. The Chinese Chess tournament was organized by the Cambodia Chess Federation with the sponsorship of Phnom Penh beer and Da Chang Company, both of which are aiming to strengthen Chinese Chess in Cambodia, selecting the best players of Chinese chess and preparing for the International Chinese Chess competition in Macau. During the opening ceremony, Ly Hout, President of the Cambodia Chess Federation, said that this tournament encourages all players to gain more experience during the competition and learn from each other in order to raise the level of Cambodian Chinese Chess. He added that the players’ participation show new players and also have players who used to participate the Asian Games. “This competition is aiming to improve the level of chess players in order to carry forward the spirit of Cambodia on the international stage.”
In previous times, Cambodia chess players used to participate in Beijing, Shandong, Guangzhon, Macau and various countries in Southeast Asia which total around 10 countries, and received outstanding results. Gao Feng, Secretary General of the Cambodia Chess Federation, said that there were10 groups in the competition. The second day was the playoff competition while the final tournament will be held on September 12.”
Relating to the chess tournament’s prizes, first place will receive US$ 500 with a five-box beer package, second place will receive US$ 300 with a three-box beer package, and third place will receive US $200 with one box of beer. All participants will be awarded one box of beer as encouragement.
Besides these awards, the winner will go to attend the upcoming 17th Asian Chess Championship which will be held in November in Macau. The Cambodia Chess Federation consists of four kinds such as Khmer Chess, International Chess, Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) and Japanese Chess (Weiqi) with more than 300 members.
In March 2012, the federation will organize the 2nd Khmer Chess Championship which it has already launched on April 1-3 last year with around 200 participants.

Source: The Southeast Asia Weekly, September 18-24, 2011, Vol. 5, Issue 38, Page 5

Angkor Beer Support Cambodian Athletes for 26th SEA Games

By Sok Lak

Toward upcoming 26th SEA Games in November this year, private partners stand out to help to inspires Cambodian national athletes through offering cash awards for them to achieve great result for the country.

On August 8, Cambrew Company known as Angkor Beer signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) to promise award US$3,000 for individual athletes who win goal and US5,000 for group who win a goal medal while award US$500 for individual and US$1,000 who win a silver medal.
Under the witness of H.E. Thong Khon, Minister of Ministry of Tourism and President of NOCC, he expresses his welcome to private partners for their cooperation and contribution on sport field to promote the development of the nation.
During the ceremony, H.E. Thong Khon, said that in encouragement for athletes to get more medals, the Royal Government of Cambodia through the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport will hands over cash award with US$6,000 to an athlete who wins the goal medal, US$4,000 and US2,000 respectively to athletes who achieve silver and bronze medals.
“Addition on government awards, two private companies also come to sponsor Cambodian athletes,,” he stressed.
Mr. Say Sana Phommasy, Director of Cambrew Company, said that company support for Cambodia’s athletes to encourage them to have confident to win champion for the country and the Cambodian people. “Cambrew always support you, Cambodian athletes,” he emphasized.

There are 163 Cambodian athletes including 28 females from 20 federations with 67 delegates and coach to attend 26th SEA Games in Indonesia. In 25th SEA Games, Cambodia won three goal medals, 19 silver medals and 18 bronze medals.

Cambodian, Japanese Students Promote Sports As Life Philosophy

By Tim Vutha

The National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) launched the Olympic sport education under the theme: “Culture and Olympic Education” from September 1-3 at Cambodia’s Preah Sinahouk province aiming to promote public awareness towards sporting, enhancing cross-border relationships, and also to promote the tourism industry.

Source: The Southeast Asia Weekly, September 4-10, 2011, Vol 5, Issue 36, Page 12

Cambodian Athletes Expect to Win Golden Medals from SEA Games

By Sok Lak

Sport Officials expressed their willingness to win more gold medals from upcoming 26th Southeast Asia (SEA) Games this year in Indonesia while Cambodia athletes are trying hard form training before heading off to attend regional tournament. Cambodia athletes won only three golden medals from the last SEA Games in Laos, and this year Cambodia athletes will achieve more than previous time.
“I expected that Cambodia athletes will achieve more than three goal medals for the nation from SEA Games this year,” Vath Chamrouen, Secretary General of National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) said during meeting with 20 sport federations within in the Kingdom.
He lectures participants about the strong support for athletes for the 26th SEA Games on September 31. He added that Taekwondo, Tennis, Wrestling and Petanque are the potential sport fields for Kingdom, which hopes to get gold medals at the international tournaments. Moreover, Badminton, Volleyball, Golf, Judo, Kempo (original martial arts from Karate), Table tennis, Traditional boat racing, Athletic, International Boxing, Vovinam, Swimming, Gymnastics, Breach Volleyball are “the strategy sport which can have ability to achieve medals from competition this year.” 
In the encouragement for athletes to get more medals especially goal medals, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport will hand over cash awards with US$ 6,000 to an athlete who wins goal medal, US$4,000 and US$2,000 respectively to an athlete who achieve silver and bronze medals. At the same time, Naga world Casino and Hotel also awarded US$3,000 for individual athletes who get a goal medal and US$5,000 to group who wins goal medal.
Angkor Beer also plans to sponsor individual athlete US$ 3,000 for goal medal and US$1,000 for silver medal, and also will award to the winning group with US$5,000 and US$2,000 for winning a goal and silver medal respectively.
Before leaving the country go to the SEA Games, Naga World also launch a party on November 6 to celebrate Cambodia athletes as encouragement for sport players to get more goal medals for Cambodia from 26th SEA Games this year. NOCC plans to send 163 athlete including 28 females athletes and 67 delegated (4 female) from 20 federations to attend SEA Games this year. “National Olympic Committee of Cambodia has applied for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport for 230 athletes and delegate to participate the SEA Games, but the ministry has not approval it yet,” Vath said.
Vath said: the 20 kinds of sport which are allow to attend the SEA Games are badminton, basketball, golf, Judo, kempo, table tennis, taekwondo, traditional boat, vovinam, wushu, swimming, athletic, international boxing, gymnastics, petanque, tennis, volleyball, breach volleyball, wrestling and football. The 26th SEA Games will be held in two cities of Indonesia, Jakarta and Palembang from 11 to 22 November with eleven countries and more than 6,000 are estimated athletes to participate in this tournament.
Source: The Southeast Asia Weekly, September 4-10, 2011, Vol 5, Issue 36, Page 12    

Cambodia will Send Four Boxkator Fighters to Compete in Malaysia

By Sok Lak

Four fighters of Boxkator, Cambodia traditional marital art will leave country to participate Mixed Martial Art (MMA) Fighting in Malaysia on September 10-12.
San Kimsean, President of the Cambodia Bokator Federation, said that Malysia invited Cambodia Martial Art, Boxkator to attend Mixed Martial Art Fighting in order to compete with other martial art from other corners of the world. “It marked the first time for Cambodia Bokator to be invited to join competition,” he stressed.
The four Bokator fighters-Say Tevin, Kong Ravy, Tun Serey and Antonio Graceffo and they will led by Gold Kroma San Kim Sean to Malaysia. After the competition, Malaysia suggests Cambodia to perform their martial art for its citizens to know about Bokator. Moreover, Malaysia also wants a Bokator master to train there.
Kim Sean expressed his concern about passport of Bokator fighters, because it is nearly time to leave country. “We are waiting for the passport.”
“I was afraid that Bokator fighters cannot join competition this time, the good luck and bad luck of Bokator now is dependent on passport.” He added that Cambodia Bokator be ready for upcoming MMA. “We lack only power but we have ability for the competition, because Cambodia Bokator need food to support to their physical ability,” he stressed.
Cambodia Bokator Federation has no sponsor from other institutions yet even from Ministry, he emphasized.  The Bokator Revival again in 2006. It has been recognized and ranked 33th by the World Martial Arts Union, an NGO in operational relations with UNESCO in 2009. It also achieved the second place in international martial-arts performances in Seoul in 2010. Nowadays, Bokator has around 20 masters with around 1000 students across the country.

Source: The Southeast Asia Weekly, August 28-September 3, 2011, Vol. 5, Issue 35, Page 12

Cambodia Sends Fencing Athlete to Train in Philippine

By Sok Lak

The Cambodia Fencing Federation (CFF) sent two athletes to join Olympic Solidarity Fencing Coaching Course to be held at the PSC Fencing Center, Philsports Complex, Pasig City, Philippines on August 18 to 30, 2011.
H.E. Means Sarin, Secretary of State for Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and Vice President of CFF, said that under the support of Fencing Confederation of Asia (FCA) and International Fencing Federation (IFF), an effort to send two fencing athletes to send two fencing athlete to study the coaching course in Philippines was made. The sponsor covers the costs for the whole process of the athletes’ training.
“”Course will develop athlete to be best athlete and coach in the future,” he said. He expected that after the course they can promote the skill of Cambodian athletes as well as to promote this sport to youth in order to develop this kind of sport in Cambodia.
It is first time that Dr. Celso Dayrit support Cambodia. He will help Cambodia to organize coaching course in Cambodia if Cambodia has fencing athletes from 10 to 25 and then he will help one athletes to join 26th SEA Games in Indonesia if the Government of Cambodia agrees to help with accommodation and food of Cambodia athletes, Dr. Celso Dayrit, President of FCA, President of Philippine Fencing Federation and Former President of Olympic Committee of Philippine (1999-2004), said at the General Assembly of Asia Fencing Federation in March this year.
Recently, IFF sponsor equipments to federation such as two Plastic Piest for training and four electronic scoring tables.  
H.E. Sarin stressed that fencing is a sport for youth which can make them majestic, courageous, smart, handsome or beautiful and healthy. “Fencing is a kind of sport which can get more medals among other sport, because this sport does not focus on physically, but it is mainly focus on skill and technique.” Even though Cambodian athletes train not regularly, but Cambodia athletes ranked number five. If Cambodian athletes train more, he believed that Cambodian athletes can achieve a good result on the international stage.
Khlok Ratana, former fencing athletes and treasurer of CFF, said that there are three kinds of fencing: Foil, Epee and Sapre. “This sport is not only making people healthy, but it is also making them handsome or beautiful.” In western country, they train on this sport in order to be actor or actress. He planned to take this sport to shoot a film in Cambodia.
Ms. Chhay Chansithary, a female fencing athlete who is ranked number five in the Southeast Asia, said that she will try all her effort to learn as much as she can. After training, she plans to teach Cambodia youth about fencing. “I used to train one time for half month in Philippine while there is a tournament there, but I did not join the tournament, because the federation has no money to register. At that time, I did not learn much as well while I could not eat enough food. This time, I believe that I am able to learn more from this course.”
Mr. Hang Chetha, a male fencing athlete, said that this course can make him stronger. In the coming SEA Games, he excepts that he can join it in order to get medal as well as learn more experience. The federation established since 2006. In the past time, it conducted coaching course one time in Cambodia while there are 20 athletes participating. With difficulty of federation to find a place and funds in developing sport, the federation has no more athletes to train anymore. Nowadays, there are only amateur athletes and two clubs in Phnom Penh. With the long-term goal, the federation is optimistic to develop fencing in order to progress in the future.
Source: The Southeast Asia Weekly, August 21-27, Vol. 5, Issue 34, Page 12