Recognized as 1 of Cambodia Top Blogs to Read by was being reorganized as one of Cambodia top blogs to read by in 2013.

According to Khmer Bird website, there are around 30 blog and website were selected to be Cambodia top blogs to read in that website. Till now, some of blog does not work or update anymore.

Those are 30 blog and website are:

Can’t Stand by Neilly Din

A Dose of Cath by Catherine V Harry


In Khmer



Recognized as 1 of 10 Best Bloggers in Cambodia

In December 2017, Mr. Sok Lak, owner of is recognized as one of ten best bloggers in Cambodia by a website called The Culture Trip.


In the website of, there are ten best bloggers in the list. They are:

Sok Lak’s blog mostly write about environmental issues, social issues and the country’s economics. That blog also publish his personal articles and some publications by him.

He start to learn how to use in 2017 and later in 2010, he created a blog from blog spot, a website of google company. In 2012, he start to move all his articles to another platform called Word Press. In 2013, he move his blog to website called, but unlucky there is technical error, all around 500 articles gone in 2015. At that time, as everything gone he take a break for a year in blogging. In March 2016, he decided back to blogging journey and back to use current blog called till now.

Library Vs A Man

When author not care about library, like a man not care about his health.
When reader not care about library, like a man not care about his brain.
When book not care about library, like a man not care about his home.
When editor not care about library, like a man not care about his eyes.
When bookstore not care about library, like a man not care about his blood vessels.
When publisher not care about library, like a man not care about his heart.

When nation not care about library, like a man not care about his childhood.
When citizen not care about library, like a man not care about his children.
when researcher not care about library, like a man not care about quality of food.
When teacher not care about library, like a man not care about his job.
When librarian not care about library, like a man not care about himself.


បើសិនយើងក្រ កំុក្រដល់ថ្នាក់ភ្លេចគុណធម៌
បើសិនយើងក្រ កំុក្រដល់ថ្នាក់មិនដឹងថាអ្វីជាមនុស្សធម៌
បើសិនយើងក្រ កំុក្រដល់ថ្នាក់បំផ្លាញខ្លួនឯង និងអ្នកដទៃ
បើសិនយើងក្រ កំុក្រដល់ថ្នាក់មិនខ្វល់ពីសង្គមដែលខ្លួនរស់នៅ
បើសិនយើងក្រ កំុក្រដល់ថ្នាក់សូម្បីផ្លូវអ្នកជំនាន់ក្រោយក៏បំផ្លាញ។

បើសិនយើងក្រ កំុក្រសូម្បីតែអក្សរជាតិក៏ត្រូវគេជួលឲ្យរៀន
បើសិនយើងក្រ កំុក្រសូម្បីតែចំណេះដឹងក៏ត្រូវគេជួលឲ្យទទួល
បើសិនយើងក្រ កំុក្រសូម្បីតែវប្បធម៌ក៏ត្រូវគេជួលឲ្យការពារ
បើសិនយើងក្រ កំុក្រសូម្បីតែកេរ្តិ៍ដូនតាក៏ត្រូវគេជួលឲ្យថែរក្សា
បើសិនយើងក្រ កំុក្រសូម្បីតែជាតិក៏ត្រូវគេជួលឲ្យស្រឡាញ់។

— សុខ ឡាក់


An One Year and Half Baby

An one year and half baby, Scholar Library,
You are small but wonderful,
you do not wait till rich to contribute,
You do not wait to be fully capable to do something.

Just a short time you become home,
Home of kids who love to play but also read,
Home of youth to study and connect,
Home of people to build reading habit,
Home of readers to turn into longlife learning,
Home of lovers who can turn waste into treasure.

A small baby but not a nature of baby,
Timely and physically as baby but not mentally,
Efforts and willingness to become mother,
A small kid become and take responsibility as mother,
Mother to take care of 3,000+ books,
Mother of 100+ activity and 2,000+ people benefited,
Mother of knowledge community including reading,
Mother of experience to feel library not just a book.

Mother, mother, mother and mother of,
A knowledge value chain awareness.

**to be continue

12 Tips to Avoid Volunteers easy to Drop

In Cambodia context, the situation of easy to give up and slow down of commitment in working or volunteering from youth is so high. It is not good for youth to give up or quit working or volunteering early. To avoid these situation especially for young leaders when working in project or program with volunteers or youth, I have a few tips to share:

I. Understand what you are doing and why important

Make sure you understand what you are doing and why it is important to do that. Figure more evidences and data to proof too.

II. Understand what kinds of people fit to these kinds of jobs

III. Setting up criteria in choosing people

(For example: have enough time, commitment, willing to learn, experience, knowledge, love reading, respect others and so on)

IV. Prepare agreement

Make sure both parties agree and understand the situation they are applying and requirements.

V. Do not believe 100% on what they write and said

Two reasons:

  • Sometimes people do not have abilities to do what they said (Some situation is hard to control. For example: sick, accident, broken heart, pressure from family …)
  • They tell a lie.

(Some people choose to tell a lie to pass or being selected, because they really want to pass. Some people expect something from your team and project/program they are applying.)

VI. Investigate and observes their action

Check their profile, also can tell the fact and stories

VII. Reserved and risk management

  • Do not expect too much on the plan is 100% go smooth
  • A project always have risk, just small or big
  • To avoid or any uncertain situation as well as changing

VIII. Thinking of strategies

A good project/program always has strategies. Think on how make your project grow fast and sustainable

IX. Always check and assessment

Some parts would go fast, but some parts would go slowly. To make sure it go well, it needs to grow together and all important parts no errors.

X. Visible outcome

Make sure your project/program has visible outcome. Most of people is happy and productive when see visible rather than invisible especially where in low educated society.

XI. Motivation and recognition

Working without pay in Cambodia context is hard while many people still not understand the important of public services/goods and how it contribute to their living standard and living environment and some of them also consider this job is government too, so people who volunteer normally get many pressures from peers, family and people around which lead them to be easily to give up. In this case, motivation is very important and need to put in practice in order to make them feel good and continue mission. The great achievement also need to be recognized for promoting good cause so that many people can live peacefully.

XII. Capacity building

Not only volunteer work, capacity building is a good method to make anyone who work to have more capacity to get things done easily and fast so that the contribution is also grow fast and impact to many people.