Who will pay the cost of …?

There are many cost that we already pay daily and yearly, how about below cost? Who will pay those cost? Who should be the person to pay them?
1. Social security
2. Food security
3. Pollution affect human health, agriculture production, water we drink, air we breath and so on
4. Traffic accident and human trafficking
5. Animal life (on land, water and air)
6. Raising temperature day to day
7. Increasing number of natural disasters (flood, storm, dry, and so on) year to year
8. Increasing new diesease year to year
9. Lack of opportunity and fall in poverty
10. and so on


Sunset along Mekong River

By Sok Lak

I was walking alone on clear road, along the Mekong river side as the sun shore over the sky of Phnom Penh near Royal Palace at sunset. The cold breeze felt as a beautiful girl’s soft hand went though my hair and on my face as a pleasant feeling came over me and then all my worries left my mind like someone took them away.

Looking at the sky which was so pure and blue, I saw that after a minute the bright blue slowly faded and turned into dark purple. In that time, a lot of people walked across the road in front of Royal Palace and they had happy voices with happy smiles combined together as jolly music created in great picture in front of the Palace. On the river suddenly seems radiant water with many small white lights stayed around two or three boats doing fishing as the water to celebrate the entire fisherman in fishing in the whole day.

It was now the time for the sun went down near the Royal Palace. Suddenly the world of Phnom Penh was changed and divided into two parts seem two wonderful skies in two different places. One side on the eastern horizon is full of dark, shaded as everything disappeared and it felt as if someone wanted to hide those things from us, but in the central there is only the yellow RoyalPalace was full of orange light like the star on the western sky, which was the setting sun.

On other side of the horizon to the west of the sky, was full of red and a lot of yellow mixed together gone around the sun show the kindness of Cambodian people who stay around the world. This time, the light was lower and then the sun slowly disappeared art of one view. But the red light changed into a bit dark cover the world. After that the sky on one side was more like the other side which is already quite dark. Finally, the moon raised on the east to shows her wonderful and soft light over the city like the mother take care of children.

(Written in 2009)