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Since 2014, Sok Lak involved himself as volunteer in promoting culture and arts among young generation in Phnom Penh under his team, Writing Alliance, in the event called “Achievement and Future” organized a youth group, Reak Sai. He led his team to work as media coordinating team engage media including newspaper, television, magazine, radio and online news to cover the event both in 2014 and 2015. Below is article from newspaper covered the news and quoted him.

第三届高棉文化艺术节即将上演 (2015/03/27)



本届艺术节的主要活动为歌舞剧表演,只需支付3美元的门票就能欣赏到一系列罕见的传统舞蹈和歌剧,如古典舞Lkon Khoal,在古时只有帝王才能观看。Lkon Khoal还以Khol舞蹈剧闻名,通常由男性演员带着面具来表演,大多以罗摩衍那的神话作为戏剧背景,与皇家芭蕾舞剧的风格类似,都是伴着传统乐器合奏的背景音乐由演员来进行解说。

去年,Reek Sai Dey艺术团在皇家艺术大学表演了这支舞蹈,并获得了不错的反响。据布景设计师兼组织者Proumchin Vicheth透露,当时的表演吸引了6000名观众前来观看,希望今年能创下更高纪录,为此他们策划了一场更盛大的表演。

今年,Reek Sai Dey艺术团将偕同柬埔寨国内其他着名剧团继续为观众献上长达一小时的演出,希望引起柬埔寨年轻人对濒临失传的艺术形式的关注。

来自柬埔寨写作联盟(Writing Alliance)的Sok Lak,也是本届艺术节的组织者之一,他称:“本次的演出阵容和投入都十分庞大,共有50位演员参与,平均每套演出服装的费用就高达1000美元。”

Sok Lak和Proumchin Vicheth都表示,观众到时可以感受表演中所用真金发出的夺目光彩,还可以欣赏男性舞蹈员和艺术家同时反串男女角色的精湛技巧。

联合国教科文组织世界遗产委员会已把柬埔寨的皇家芭蕾舞剧和高棉皮影戏(Lkhoan Sbek Thom)纳入世界非物质文化遗产名录,但柬埔寨传统音乐Champei、丝织品和戏剧Khol仍在申请中。

本次艺术节的门票可到柬埔寨外国语学院、法律与经济学皇家大学和Chaktomok Hall购买。

Source: http://kh.china-embassy.org/chn/gmcf/t1249947.htm





SEAW#1: NGOCRC Plans to Create Children Monitoring System in Cambodia

Published on SEAW, Vol.4, Issue 40 (1 October 2010)

By Sok Lak

Non-Government Organization Committee for Children’s Right (NGOCRC) has held a seminar on “Development of Child Right Monitoring Mechanism and System” September 30th, 2010, at Cambodiana Hotel.

The purpose of this seminar is to understand UN Human Right Monitoring Mechanisms’ center idea, look through the applying of UN convention on the right of the children and doing reports about the applying of children right in Cambodia.

We want to create a standard monitoring system in Cambodia in order to be easy in analysis and measurable in common way, because there are many organizations also have their monitoring system, but is different from each other and analyze in different way to create different result. Therefore, NGOCRC want to set up a monitoring system the same as UN monitoring system” Mr. Hieng Sovannara, consultant of NGO Committee said at the seminar.

He added that monitoring system is the implement tool to measure implement of government and NGOs in Cambodia. “It also help us to be well-known and lead to be success in work”

All level of government, community organization and supporting NGOCRC organization are involved in motoring system, he noted.

He remarked that state parties undertake to the committee, through the Secretary-General of the United Nation, reports on the measures they have adopted which give effect to the right recognized herein and on the progress made on the enjoyment of those rights: within two years of the entry into force of the convention for the state party concerned; thereafter every five year.

“There are many tools in collecting data of children right such as open question or close question or checklists table, related documents, report, statistics, question list and interview, he mentioned. “UN committee also give some recommendation to set up this system to add definition of children, free of children and all children must take all appropriate legislative to.”

One of the audience come from Plan organization said that all points should be specific and simple to be easy in use. It is note that NGOCRC is a national coalition of forty six NGOs in the kingdom of Cambodia whose major commonality is their commitment towards the right of child.

Poem 18: Well done

By Sok Lak

It is a right,
For me tonight,
To make it right,
What did I write.
In the thinking,
In the meaning,
All of the things,
All’s finishing.

*Written in April, 2010

Building High Rise Housing is better than Promoting a Single Story Building plan for Phnom Penh

By Sok Lak

People have always need settler in living. They can not live under the entire sky without a house to earn a living; they need something to protect them from a badly weather such as raining, sunny snowing winding, etc. By the way, even the society is developing and new technology is found, human still need in living with those houses which changed their shapes such as high rise housing and a single story. In this re cent time, Phnom Penh also design to plan for building, which one should to build and which one is more advantage?
For a developed country, building high rise housing provides a lot of benefits. The increasing of population in country is cause a problem. All people need a space or house for living, so building high rise can be a solution for solving and also stratify their needs too. It is also a good way in manage land and can avoid the problem cause from population such as crime that related to land, corruption or fighting for land. With the top of building, people can see the whole view of city with a wonderful picture standing in front of them by the power of top and high that show ambitious and bring happy feeling. By the way, it creates a strange feeling with a happy thinking in order to getting positive idea by relaxing. Moreover, this kind of building makes up a good communication environment to all people living there. They no need to buy the things they need or go to meet people they want far a way from their house, because all the things just stay around them. Besides this, they can experience with the modern technology that designed for this kind of building. It is very interesting to set up house and imagine that kind of building.
In contrast, the single story building also has its special feature for people. Cambodia is a developing country and full of culture, so in Phnom Penh. That way, building that kind building is a good idea for culture protection and improvement by showing Cambodian culture from the art of building with a beautiful style dominated all part of building. In addition, that kind of building do not spend big amount of money and high technology with western skills. Moreover, most of people like to live in a healthy and comfortable place. From this kind of building, it create a good environment and nature place provided a healthy body and feeling by the view and sound of the nature such as beautiful flowers, colorful trees and different singing of animals around their house. It will be comfortable and healthy if people live that place.
Both high rise housing and single story building are helpful and beneficial for people living in Phnom Penh. Therefore, I am not suggesting that city should build one of them. But if Phnom Penh wants to plan to build building, I think both kinds of them are good planning in city. It will have mixed wonderful view and more benefit if the city build two kinds of building and it also good for everyone too.


(Written in 2009)

Creating Job Opportunity and Livelihood project are better than Giving Aid and Donation as Emergency Assistant

By Sok Lak

In general, most countries develop their countries by investing in economy. Mostly, they invest to create job opportunity, create livelihood project, giving aid or giving donation. Those ways can develop their countries, but one country can not use all strategies in the same time in the same level. It needs to make choice in order to stratify their citizens’ need in efficiency way. In this meaning, some people said that creating job opportunity and livelihood project are better than giving aid and donation as emergency assistant in developing countries.
Creating job opportunity and livelihood projects can improve citizen’s life in long time. It can help people to set up basic skill, knowledge and abilities when they work. Even though one is closed down, they also can find another job to work. In addition, it provides a lot of choices for people to choose where they work or what kind of job is suitable. It is very easy for them to do what they want and need. Sometimes, it also ways for people do not know how to go about looking for a job to earn a living. For example, a lot of students graduated, but job market do not have enough jobs for them. So some can work, some can continue to study, but how about the rest, where can they go? Only one way they can do is stay at home or enter black market to do something for survive. So create job opportunity is provide the ways for people walk and create livelihood project guide people what they can do.
For developing counties, giving aid or donation as emergency assistance is also important for people to survive. Human being need to have food and essential needs to live and stay in safety. Other, they also can use aid and donation to create job or making livelihood project for people as well, but it just temporary.

Both of crating job opportunity and livelihood and giving aid and donation as emergency assistance are helpful for a developing country. They both can set a stable for country in need and it can develop faster if anyone know how to use these in efficiency way. Addition, giving aid or donation will cut down when country have power to fix problem or good economy.


(Written in 2009)